Ablaze - Winter 2019

The debut album No Chaser

Aussie rockers Ablaze have perhaps the most autobiographical band name they could have chosen. Fiery rhythms, scorching solos, the hottest lead and chorus harmony vocals and above all a body of work so infectious it will spread through your rock psyche like wildfire. No Chaser is Ablaze’s newly released debut album and it’s an album for beer- drinking, hard rockers who love to have a good time. Tracks such as Bottom Of My Bottle, Bar Fight Blues and Where’s My Drink? are fine examples to prove the point, the latter especially being a great singalong track that all hardcore rockers can relate to. With No Chaser, the band and crowd are on exactly the same page in understanding the priorities in life: solid anthemic rock and beer. However, it would be a mistake to assume that Ablaze have taken a simplistic route in creating their debut. These are highly talented musicians who have closely considered the best arrangements and delivery required to ensure each track is given optimum presentation. Opening track Back For More immediately grabs our attention with it’s virtuosic yet foot-tappable lead line and it’s solid bar rock with a huge statement of intent. Like perhaps the very best rock records we get a chance to catch our breath and regroup with acoustic track The Darkest Day (What I’ve Become). The piano accompaniment blends gorgeously to create a truly relaxed and heartfelt mood in what is an appropriately serious moment on the record. It is also a track that feels right at home in what is a band introspective opportunity. Overall No Chaser is something quite special indeed: a high energy and powerful album with the right levels of light and shade to create a wholly cohesive and immersive experience. Highly recommended!

Find out more at www.ablazeband.com and in the meantime enjoy the video to their latest single Where’s My Drink below.