Black Lakes - Winter 2020

Here at Rock Today we pride ourselves on seeking out new music. It’s something we are highly passionate about. It’s almost indescribable that feeling we get when we stumble upon something special. It’s a bit like putting on an old pair of jeans and finding a long lost tenner in the pocket. Finding great new music is like someone giving you a gift for no reason. It makes us feel good. Over the last five years we’ve had the privilege of being there at the birth of so many great new rock bands. We’ve watched them take the first steps and like proud parents we’ve worn huge smiles as we’ve seen those same bands enjoy real success. To have played a part in their journey is something so very satisfying and a huge privilege. It’s fair to say that there are some truly fantastic bands that have emerged throughout 2019 and we would like to close this wonderful year by presenting to you a band who will undoubtedly by gracing your air waves in 2020: Black Lakes.

Hailing from South Wales and the south-west of England, Black Lakes are an alternative hard rock/metal outfit comprising of band members Will S Preston (vocals), Scott Bradshaw (guitar), James Rowlands (guitar), Lee Harris (bass), and Dafydd Fuller (drums). 

2019 saw the band release an absolutely storming 3-track EP. The gorgeous eastern flavours presented within the opening bars of first track Dissident provide a mystical and transcendental mood that really captures our attention before the heavy guitars take things to an incredibly powerful level. It’s a track that does a fine job of showcasing the strength and talent of Black Lakes. It keeps us entirely hooked and eagerly anticipating of what will come next. A clean intro and Will’s ethereal voice introduce Ghosts (Of Our Memories). Throughout, the juxtaposition of clean arpeggiated chords and distorted detuned progressions are a wonderful backdrop to the most gifted and passionately delivered vocals.  The EP closes in fine style with The Divide. Perhaps the strongest track on an exceptional EP, it’s no surprise that this was chosen to be the first single. It’s quite simply anthemic. Melodic lead intros and driving chugging guitars provide the perfect partner to a message that’s essentially about propaganda, indoctrination and being fooled the system. This is a song that reflects observations of political distress in what many may consider to be a troubled world.

Lyrically the band are clearly comfortable in tackling difficult subjects and they don’t shy away from focusing on the less superficial issues such as mental health. In an age where more people need to be open and supportive about mental health issues, this is a really refreshing songwriting quality. There is a darkness within their music but this has been channeled in such as way that it instils a real sense of empowerment and there’s something quite visionary about this. Each track on the EP is over 4 minutes long but interestingly as the last notes ring out we are almost surprised that they are ending. That’s because we are not ready for them to end.

Overall the huge talent in this band has been invested wisely to create a five-star and wholly immersive record which beautifully introduces their sheer potential. Black Lakes have created a huge hunger for more and we can’t wait for the new album.

Check out the video for Dissident below and then head to to support Black Lakes to create their debut album.

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