Broken Witt Rebels - The Robin 2, Bilston, 13th December 2018

Photo credit: Martin Woodbridge

Jack Frost was already busy casting his icy white blanket across Bilston when the first fans started to arrive at The Robin 2 to see REEF on their huge nationwide tour. The task of getting the party started and warming up the crowd from the chilly winter air outside was given to one of the hottest new bands of the moment, Broken Witt Rebels. 2018 has seen this amazing quartet from Birmingham cement themselves into the classic blues rock scene and develop their own brand of rock n roll, with an ever increasing and loyal fan base. 

The self-titled and highly acclaimed debut album had propelled Broken Witt Rebels to the forefront of the New British Rock scene and finishing the year opening for such a heavy weight classic outfit like Reef was clearly going to generate even more Rebels to the cause. Opening the set with MONEY it was clear that Danny, JT, JD and Luke were not here just to make up the numbers. With the temperature starting to rise, the boys worked the crowd as though it was their own as they moved straight onto FEARLESS.

This was as close as Broken Witt Rebels had come to a hometown gig on this tour as they moved into HOWLIN and LOW from their brilliant debut album. The heady mix of Danny’s raspy vocals, JT’s superb bluesy guitar riffs, backed up with JD’s precision drum beats and Luke’s deep smooth bass licks left the crowd wanting more as the band moved onto LOOSE CHANGE.

There is no doubting this bands commitment to succeed. They have built a solid reputation of always putting 110% into every performance, with their unique high energy Rock Music driven by Danny who by now was bang on top form and was making the most of the tiny stage as he demanded more from the crowd. The energetic frontman led them into one of their biggest hits in SNAKE EYES followed by GETAWAY MAN.

By now the crowd were well behind Broken Witt Rebels and the end of each song was greeted with rapturous applause as well as screams for more. The penultimate number of this short but fantastic set was the brilliant GUNS which easily raised the temperature inside by at least another 10 degrees. SHAKE ME DOWN ended the set and there was only one thing wrong with the performance, it was just not long enough. These guys know how to put on a performance and it is clear to see that they would be more than comfortable taking the head line slot. It was clear that the audience had loved the 45 minutes on stage, as the boys disappeared off to the merchandise desk to greet not just the die-hard fans but also the new faces who had been converted into Rebels on this amazing night at the Robin 2. If you have one goal in 2019 then make it that you go and see Broken Witt Rebels live as you will come away wanting more, more, more.

Words and photos by Martin Woodbridge.