Dan Patlansky - January 2018

Blues guitar is huge at the moment. In fact, the genre is perhaps the healthiest it’s been for more than a generation. Of course, artists such as Joe Bonamassa, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Stevie Nimmo and Laurence Jones have collectively created a formidable force, inviting rock fans to consider tuning in to the style of music that has been the blueprint for all styles of rock that have followed. But one artist emerging as a true leader of the pack is Dan Patlansky. The South African singer and guitarist is set to the release his new studio album Perfection Kills in the UK on Friday 2nd February 2018.  The album is the follow up to 2016’s critically acclaimed Introvertigo which was voted #1 Blues Rock Album 2016 by Blues Rock Review. But quite justifiably, this is just one of the many awards Dan is polishing. Perfection Kills is a stunning album that delivers huge power and emotion. It’s also an album that isn’t afraid to communicate both the gratitude and privilege that comes with being a successful artist with the expense and lost opportunities of being away from family. As the new year rings in, we catch up with Dan to talk about how Perfection Kills came together.

We would of course like to talk about your new album Perfection Kills which will be released in March, but before we do I would like to take a moment to reflect on the last couple of years. Your last album Introvertigo was voted Number 1 Blues Album by Blues Rock Review, you’ve  been voted Most Promising Male Blues Artist by Blues & Soul Magazine and recently been nominated as Best International Solo Artist at the Planet Rock Radio ‘Rocks’ Awards. You must be incredibly proud of your achievements. What does it mean to be recognised in this way, and how would you summarise your Introvertigo journey?


For me all the achievements are a small pat on the back for the hard work writing and recording the album, and of course touring the album for the last 2 years or so. It means we did something right, which is always a massive relief. The Introvertigo journey was a great one indeed. The songs from that album were great to play live and I thought translated to the stage exceptionally well. In a way I’m sad to be moving on with a new album and live set, but also in the same breath excited to have new material to play and express through.


Let’s now move on to the new album Perfection Kills and firstly is production. Perfection Killshas a huge energy and a gorgeous live feel to it that perhaps, more so than any of your other records, captures what it’s like to actually be at a Dan Patlansky show. What was your vision for this album?


I’m so glad that comes across on the album! That was one of my main goals with the record. I decided to produce the album myself because I had a certain sound in my head that I wanted to come across. I learnt a lot from Theo Crous on the production side, but wanted a more organic sound that was as close to the way the songs will translate on a live platform. In other words, not to polish out all the real magic. A big part of the record was recorded live in studio.


The album’s 10 tracks collectively draw heavily on your life experiences; whether this be about family, previous relationships, travelling, your observations or perhaps life’s lessons learned. Is it perhaps the most autobiographical album to date?


I think it is all round the most honest album I’ve done from song writing to production. I think a song can only be honest if lyrically you write about stuff that you as the writer have experienced or subject matter that speaks to you or concerns you. Songs after all are a platform to express one’s self through. In the old days I used to write more clichéd blues style lyrics, which I feel was disingenuine of me because I didn’t grow up like a 1950ies blues artist. So the songs reflect me far more truthfully.

I’d like to explore the connection between two tracks in particular: My Dear Boy and Never Long Enough. The former is a song about the newest addition to your family, your son Jack, and the latter about how time at home is so precious. How hard is it for you emotionally to balance your musical career and family life?


It is an almost impossible balance to get right sadly, but I do my utmost to try regardless. The secret is having a wife that understands what it takes to be a musician, which thankfully I have her full support. It's always very tough being away from my wife and 2 kids but I make the most of family time when I’m off the road and try spend as much time with them as possible. The road can be a cold lonely place, so returning home to my family is always a very special thing for me. 

Your fans got a first taste of the new album when you played lead-single Dog Day on your UK tour in November with Joanne Shaw Taylor. What was the fans reaction to the new material?


I was very happy with the first reactions from Dog Day live. As a band we are still finding our feet playing the new stuff live, and the song got more comfortable as the tour went on. I really can’t wait to play the full album live, I really think the new tunes are going to make for a cracking live show.


With perhaps your strongest album to date and a recorded sound you’ve always wanted to achieve, is Perfection Kills the launch pad to take you to the next level?


I certainly hope so. As an artist it’s important that your album represents you in a true and honest light, which I believe Perfection Kills does. This is without a doubt the direction I want to move in production wise. When you record an album do don’t know how it will be received, so I’m hoping it will be in a good light.

Dan is on tour in the UK this March, details as follows:-

Manchester, Deaf Institute, Thursday 15th March

Tickets: www.thegigcartel.com

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Venue Box Office: 0161 276 9350

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135 Grosvenor Street, Manchester, M1 7HE



Newcastle, The Cluny, Friday 16th March

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24 HR Box Office: 0844 478 0898

Venue: 0191 221 2659Facebook /  Twitter34 Lime St, Ouseburn, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE1 2PQhttps://thecluny.com/


Leek, Foxlowe Arts, Saturday 17th March

Tickets: www.thegigcartel.com

24 HR Box Office: 0844 478 0898

Venue: 01538 386 112

Book Online: www.thegigcartel.comWeGotTickets

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Stockwell St, Leek, Staffordshire ST13 6ADwww.foxloweartscentre.org.uk


Bristol, The Tunnels, Sunday 18th March

Tickets: www.thegigcartel.com

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Venue: 0845 605 0255

Bristol Ticket Shop: 0370 44 44 400, 0117 929 9008

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Sheffield, Greystones, Tuesday 20th March

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Tickets: www.wegottickets.com

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London, Borderline, Wednesday 21st March

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Ticket Hotline: 0844 847 1678Facebook / Twitter / InstagramOrange Yard, Manette St, London, W1D 4JB http://borderline.london/

To get a taste of what it's like to be at a Dan Patlansky show, check out the video below.