Massive Wagons - 13th November - Liverpool O2 Academy

The Dead Daisies have really struck gold in Liverpool tonight. They have British Rockers Massive Wagons opening the show. Named after an amply proportioned woman’s bosom, this band hailing from Lancaster in the North West Of England are perhaps the nation’s most promising new artists. Their third album Full Nelson released in August 2018 peaked at number 16 in the UK charts. That’s a huge achievement. In fact, it’s something of a surprise that they aren’t actually headlining tonight.

Despite having already played hundreds of shows in the UK, tonight sees Massive Wagons making their Liverpool debut. As we wait for the band to take to the stage, we make some interesting observations. Firstly, there is simply a sea of Massive Wagons T shirts. Secondly, the whole front row has draped huge Massive Wagons flags and home made banners over the barrier, pledging an allegiance to this incredible band. Overall, this leaves us believing very firmly that something big is happening, almost as if we are part of a history in the making.

The show itself delivers high energy from start to finish, and a commitment to old school rock values. There is also a strong connection to the audience – the Primordial Massive – throughout, and it’s clear that a Massive Wagons show isn’t just about the band, it’s about everyone. Despite Halloween being a couple of weeks ago, lead singer Baz Mills has also decided to ditch his usual stage attire for a one-piece skeleton outfit. Why is he wearing this? "I don’t know why. I just like the feel of it." Fair enough… Mid-set Baz also decides to pour a full can of beer over his head. You see – old school! As the set draws to a close, it’s clear that the fans hunger has failed to be satisfied. But that’s probably the best position for the band to exit the stage... with people wanting more.

Massive Wagons already have a tour planned for Spring 2019: Bristol (6th April), Birmingham (12th April), London (13th April), Glasgow (19th April) and Manchester (20th April). Given the popularity of this band the shows may already be sold out. Those fans thinking of grabbing a ticket need to take action now. This may be the last opportunity to see the band in such intimate settings.