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DarWin - DarWin 2: A Frozen War, Winter 2020

Following 2019’s critically acclaimed debut album Origin Of Species, DarWin has now released the record’s incredible successor Darwin 2: A Frozen War. For this record a stunning cast of musicians have united to deliver DarWin’s vision. Joining the core collaboration of Simon Phillips, Matt Bissonette and DarWin are Billy Sheehan (bass, Mr Big/ Steve Vai/Winery Dogs), Guthrie Govan (guitar, Aristocrats/Asia/Hans Zimmer/Steven Wilson), Greg Howe (guitar, Michael Jackson/Justin Timberlake) and Derek Sherinian (keyboards, Dream Theater/Alice Cooper/Black Country Communion). With only five tracks coming in at just under 32 minutes, is perhaps ambitious to call this an album though having said this, what it lacks in duration it more than makes up for in terms of its epic impact. Opening track Nightmare Of My Dreams is a beautiful example of what this whole record is all about. It begins with relaxed arpeggiated acoustic chords before very quickly switching gears into heavy guitar riffs backed with the most dramatic keyboards. It’s a melody of light and shade with a musicianship of inaccessible status, a reminder that there are still those who are masters of their craft. The accompanying video is centred around the theme of the recent wildfires and was filmed in the areas of Australia directly affected. And this is another important point to be made about DarWin’s music. From a lyrical perspective he isn’t afraid to focus on the things that really matter. There is nothing superficial here. There are global issues that need to be addressed this record does a wonderful job of grabbing our attention. In terms of where the music fits within the whole rock genre family tree, this is actually quite difficult to place. Yes it’s prog, it’s heavy and it’s melodic but there is still a sense that this is something we haven’t really heard before. DarWin 2: A Frozen War is actually quite unique and its fresh offering therefore provokes an inquisitive welcome from the listener. This is potentially something very special and definitely worth exploring. The full track listing is as follows.
1 - Nightmare Of My Dreams
2 - Future History
3 - Eternal Life
4 - A Frozen War
5 - Another Year
Check out the video to Nightmare Of My Dreams below and find out more at