StoneWire - Life As We Know It, Autumn 2019

The new album. Photo credit: Ben Tatham

It’s been five years since StoneWire’s debut album When The Crow Flies but with the British Rockers’ latest record Life As We Know It, the increase in power and energy is something of a pleasant surprise. It’s a record that fuses classic rock, blues and southern rock to provide a collection of tracks that are both eclectic and which hang together beautifully to create a wholly cohesive record. Whilst not intended to be a concept record there is an overall underlying message of escapism and Life As We Know It delivers on this message with the greatest understanding of the blue-collar grind and with reflections on social deprivation and injustice. This is represented admirably from the very first track Monkey Talk with its instruction to ‘forget the world and enjoy the ride’. This is further reinforced with FTM and its ‘stick it to the man’ demands. Vocally, Sky Hunter is on fine form throughout with occasional inflections reminiscent of early Heart’s Ann Wilson but she isn’t the only one in this band with a great voice. Accompanying the clean guitar intro of Hero’s Journey are some exquisite vocal harmonies and they become the perfect foundations for a track that builds to become something quite epic once the guitars are turned up and the distortion pedal is pressed. Interestingly we have to wait until track 6 before we are introduced to the title track but it’s certainly worth the wait. This track perhaps more than any other is one that many people will be able relate to - working too hard for a boss you hate – and it’s yet another reminder of how busy lives can be balanced perfectly with powerful rock. StoneWire have created the perfect audio companion to drink beer with and a wonderful antidote to blue-collar pain. 

To find out more and to pre-order Life As We Know It, head over to In the meantime, check out the video to the latest single All That Matters below.