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Terrorvision- Our Christmas Song!

Christmas – it’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s a time for family, gifts, hopefully some time off and also for drinking beer in your Santa adorned jumper. It’s also the time when we look forward to hearing our favourite Christmas songs. They make us feel good and Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without us singing along to Slade, Wizzard and The Pogues. But there has been something of a drought where Christmas songs are concerned over the last 20 years and even Cliff Richard ceased presenting his annual offerings a long time ago. So do we need something fresh? Well, the festive period in 2019 seems to be giving us just that and there are a number of contenders looking to make a dent in the UK charts. Robbie Williams is currently promoting his new song Merry Xmas Everybody; things get a little bit rockier with Bryan Adams’ acoustically driven 5 track imaginatively titled Christmas EP; and Los Lobos are asking us to listen to their offering It’s Christmas Time In Texas, though it may be difficult for any recipient of the latter’s CD to feign joy and gratitude for this (ahem) gift. So altogether it still looks audio rain rather than snow until… step forward Terrorvision! The British Rockers have just released Our Christmas Song and it’s an absolute cracker! It’s a huge rocking, singalong track that encapsulates everything that’s great about Christmas and what a great Christmas song should be: fun! With it now really beginning to look a lot like Christmas, we catch up with front man Tony Wright to find out how it all came together…

The last new Terrorvision music was back in 2011 but you have of course been active as a band over the last eight years with some incredible UK tours. But we now have a new song – a Christmas song simply called Our Christmas Song and can I just say what a fantastic track this is! How did the idea for a Christmas song come about?

I think it’s something we’ve always bandied about really. We’ve always said let’s do a Christmas song but it’s been a question of just not doing it just because we haven’t come up with the bones of one. So then we’ve been rehearsing for the tours and stuff like that, and putting a few ideas forward for this that and the other, and then Mark (Yates - guitar) came forward and said "I’ve got this idea for Christmas song". It was just the bones really which is what you need to start, and then we all put the flesh, guts and brains onto it. So it started with a little simple idea and then we all pulled it apart and put it back together again and added bits and took bits away, and it’s just in Terrorvision if you’re going to do another song the chances are being in Terrorvision it’s going to be a Christmas song. We are always told "you can’t do this, you can’t do that". It started off being told "You can’t doo wops in a song", then we became known as that doo wop band. Then we were like that Whales and Dolphins band and being told "You can’t dance to heavy metal!" but we did. Then we were told "You can’t put that Tequila out, it’s horrendous, it’s like the kind of crap they play on Radio One". When you tell us we can’t do something that’s what I get is going to make us do it all the more. So now we will be that Christmas song band won’t we! (Laughs!) 

Our Christmas Song has everything a great Christmas song should have: we’ve got sleigh bells, carol-like voice harmonies, it’s a great singalong track and more than anything you’ve captured the whole essence of fun and gift-wrapped it in the most rocking way. How easily did this track come together?

So, like you say, it’s about fun. So when we put it out and we’ve approached people and said ‘We’re going to this Christmas song out’, and we said that probably November, people said that if we were going to put a Christmas song out it needs to be started in July or something –  you need to start marketing it this that and the other, and it’s like ‘what has all that got to do with Christmas?’ It’s the reason why we just have competition winners singing something that’s  knack-all to do with Christmas at Christmas time. We haven’t had like proper Christmas songs like when we were kids growing up, and you’d put the charts on and there would be people singing about Christmas and stamping their feet and wearing Santa hats – do you know what I mean? From actually the concept of saying "here I’ve got this idea for a Christmas song" to finishing it, it was kind of like "do you know what? Let’s have fun. So let’s not be corporate or professional about it – let’s be Christmassy about it". It probably took a month to write and arrange and then at the start of November we recorded it. People were saying it’s too late. Well that’s all the more reason to do it because it’s that time of year when you shouldn’t be so uptight about stuff! (Laughs!) It took a month to record, do the video and get everything in place for getting it out to the fans via the social media and stuff like that.

Generally I don’t think people really understand how important Christmas songs can be in bringing families together, and there’s been something of a drought around Christmas songs over the last 20 years. What memories do you have Christmas songs growing up?

Well, we sort of did a bit of a playlist. Obviously you’ve got Slade with Merry Christmas Everybody. That song, that was our childhood really listening to that song at Christmas. You’ve got Wizzard as well, haven’t you? So when we recorded it we decided that we were going to go for that sound, that sort of 70s sound of the slapping drums because you need 2 drum takes an overlay them like they did in the 70s. Stamp your feet, clap your hands. It was everything that we thought about because when you’re a kid, that’s what Christmas is for. It’s for the kids! It’s for the adults to watch the kids open their presents and stuff like that. So it was a way of harking back to our youths and trying to capture that and give it to people who have been denied that really! They’ve been denied it for like 40 years! Someone said to me the other day "I can’t believe on your Christmas list you don’t have Killing in the Name Of!". Well, that’s because it was a Christmas number one. It wasn’t a Christmas song. There is a massive difference. Nizlopi singing about his dad’s JCB. That was a Christmas number one (2005) but it wasn’t a Christmas song. We haven’t had Christmas songs for such a long time except for The Darkness who did a cracking Christmas song! (Christmas Time (Don’t Let the Bell’s End) in 2003 -Ed) That was good! That one’s got the bells in it and the fun aspect and everything that makes you smile at Christmas. Apart from them, I’d say it’s been a long time coming. I do like songs like Fairytale of New York. I think that’s fantastic, and that to me isn’t really a Christmas song but it really reminds me of Christmas. Jona Lewie and The Cavalry… it was just better!                   

Our Christmas song is available from the bands website where fans can also buy a limited edition signed Christmas card that comes exclusively with another track to download By My Side. That’s two new tracks, and when we talk about Christmas we can’t help but also think about new year. As well as your plans for a tour in February, can we expect any new music in 2020? on New Year.

You could always expect the unexpected really in Terrorvision. If we’ve got some songs then I will put out some songs. If we don’t we won’t. We’re not desperate to be famous or anything like that. Back in the day we wrote a load of tunes and the record company happened to want to put them out for us. It wasn’t the other way around where the record company wanted to sign us and we had to go write a load of tunes or get someone to write them for us. And I think that’s the way to be so that the quality of the music stays quality. We’ve got quite a few gigs coming up so if we are writing any new tunes we might stick a couple of them in there. 2020 something I’m really looking forward to. I’m being really positive and it’s going to be great!       

Preorder Our Christmas Song now from the band’s website and enjoy the video below!