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Foreigner, The Farewell Tour 2024

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Formed in 1976, British-American rock band Foreigner would go on to sell over 80 millionrecords, making them one of the most successful bands of all time. After nearly 50 years, in 2022 Foreigner announced their Farewell Tour with 2023 seeing the band play extensively to enthralled crowds across the US. After a short break, the Farewell Tour resumes on 1st March 2024 in Oklahoma. As things begin to hit up, we catch up with bass player Jeff Pilson to talk about all things ‘live’!

The Farewell Tour commences on the 1st of March in Newkirk Oklahoma and you’re playing extensively throughout 2024. How much are you looking forward to the shows?

I am looking forward to it a lot because we’ve actually had a couple of months off. I had back surgery seven weeks ago so I’m recuperating and recovering from that and that’s a process that will be continuing for awhile. So I’m just looking forward to March 1 because we’re going to get out there and start playing again and I love playing with the band. There’s no question about it, it’s a fabulous, fabulous gig! So yes, I’m very excited to play!

It’s labelled as a Farewell Tour but that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t play more shows. Is this going to be is it going to be a bittersweet experience or is it first and foremost a celebration?

Well I think it’s a celebration first and foremost, absolutely! But yes there’s a bittersweetness to it because as much as we don’t want to do a 9 month a year touring thing, and I’m ready for that to end definitely, at the same time it’s been a great run. I think the bitter part is that the band is so good right now. Our plan was ‘let’s go out while we are on top, let’s not start degrading and then stop’. But that can’t help but make you think like ‘Oh man, but we’re so good right now!’ you know? It kind of feels like that. So yes, it’s bittersweet. I’m loving the band and I’m loving how we tour but it’s going to be great for all that long touring to come to an end. But I’m going to miss it, sure! And I’m going to miss being around the guys as much as I am. I miss them right now because I haven’t seen them for a while! (Laughs)

Are there any UK dates planned? Looking at your schedule there seems to be a gap in September…!

Not for 2024. I know for a fact that in 2024 we are not going overseas at all. We are hoping and looking into ways of doing that in 2025. It has to be in short bursts because we can’t do the long touring thing anymore. We will see! But I know they were looking into that and we would love to come to Europe in general. So I’m hoping but there’s nothing concrete yet.

As our conversation draws to a close, we focus clearly on how special and incredible the Farewell Tour shows will be. To find out more, head over to and in the meantime check out the tour promo video below.

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